A circular medieval labyrinth

Story 2: Chadwick Yates and the Forest Labyrinth

Yates and Sharp are kicking up their heels and feasting among Faeries when the distressed leader of a neighboring tribe summons them for urgent help. This master enchanter promises Yates a charmed weapon of incalculable value, if only the pair will risk their lives in destroying a fearsome Servant — and keep the secret about to be revealed…

Edison cylinder phonograph, Suitcase Model. Appears to be a wooden box with a size crank handle, over which is positioned a wax cylinder connected to a brass microphone that flares like a tumphet or funnel.

An Interview with the Steampunk Composer: Walid Feghali

I chat with BlizzCon award-winning composer, mechanical engineer, and concept artist Walid Feghali of Sweden about his musical works (heard in the Chadwick Yates video previews), inspirations, upcoming projects, and thoughts on fantasy and steampunk.